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Clear Fully Dissolvable Domestic Laundry Bags

D_SOLV clear domestic laundry bags are designed for UK & Eire home washing machines. They are fully dissolve safely at ≥40C, however a wash cycle of 60C with detergent is recommended to kill pathogens.

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D-SOLV domestic bags

They are ideal for taking work clothing home safely to wash. They are used by nurses, healthcare staff, police officers to safely take home their work clothing. Owners of holiday homes, caravans and cottages use them to bag-up linen during changeover cleaning. Hairdressing salons bag up towels and gowns after each customer whilst bars, cafes and restaurants use them to bag up, transport and wash used table and kitchen linen, staff uniforms and aprons.

Why use D-SOLV Domestic Laundry Bags?

What are D-SOLV bags made from?

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