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Closed Loop Recycling

Here at Echo Packaging we provide the facility for Closed Loop Recycling in which the waste from a product is returned to us, recycled and used as a raw material to make another product.

Recycled plastics are often used in lower-grade products than their original use, sometimes referred to as ‘down-cycling’ as they’re made from a mixture of returned products, but closed loop recycling produces a high purity recycled material which can be added to virgin polymer when making new products maintaining the grade of the product because the returned bags are of a known material and not contaminated.

There is more to recycling than just getting more use out of a the waste material. Manufacturers like us, recognised the need to demonstrate our green credentials.

Echo Packaging use closed loop systems in our manufacturing business in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint.

As part of the process we can issue quarterly and annual certificates of Recycling to confirm how many tonnes of plastic you have recycled with us.


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